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Our Approach 

Initiate exists to help clients solve critical issues around change, leadership and collaboration. Our approach is to understand your situation and then draw on our long experience to blend a service that fits your needs. It’s an approach that delivers for clients and makes us successful too.

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Our Influence

We focus on three fundamental ingredients of success:

  • Leadership - We prompt the profound impact of leaders who create a sense of purpose and inspire others

  • Change - We facilitate and follow-through with your team on the delivery of change

  • Collaboration - We generate superior performance across silos in pursuit of shared goals

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The Difference We Make

Our approach as coaches and consultants is to:

  • Listen to you carefully and provide the right service for your needs

  • Establish strong, candid relationships, not pretending to offer what we cannot do

  • Enable you to benefit from our network of like-minded experts in other fields, by putting you in touch with them where it is right for you.

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