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Track Record 

These snapshots provide a flavour of our work around the globe and the outcomes we have produced:

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Assignment and Scope

Contracted to coach and deliver leadership development programmes for existing and emerging leaders over many years at one of the world’s leading providers of brownfield engineering to the energy industry.


Key Challenges Included:

  • Leading change through turbulent market conditions.

  • Developing the succession for leadership roles.

  • Sustaining high performance through changing ownership.


Outcomes Delivered

Significant contribution to the development of dozens of senior players for over ten years, working with people from mid-management and senior technician through to leadership team.  Through periods of great change we have been cited as having an influential role on raising leadership capability, up to and beyond the eventual acquisition of this excellent business by a larger competitor.

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Assignment and Scope

An urgent water pipeline EPC project in the Australian drought, underperforming against contractually agreed targets. As the project approached key milestones, we were engaged for ten months to work with the alliance team year from five companies to raise their delivery against their high performance objectives.

Key Challenges Included:

  • Misalignment amongst key leaders

  • Ambitious Key Performance Indicators

  • High public profile project for a city that was running out of water

  • Significant engineering and procurement challenges


Outcomes Delivered

We brought innovation and energy to the on-site team and facilitated a meeting of minds across the leadership towards their shared pursuit, a typical project enabler that we deliver time and again with our clients.


Tight and ambitious KPIs were achieved as the Alliance parties forged stronger working relationships, with effective tools used to test and then strengthen the “ties that bind”, with separate agendas put aside.

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Assignment and Scope

Post-merger implementation of an outsourced IT service for a FTSE-250 global energy services business. We were engaged to support the leadership team through their development and delivery of this major change.


Key Challenges Included:

  • A new way of providing established services.

  • Aggressive timescales.

  • Ambitious cost-saving targets.

  • Leadership team inexperience of such change.

  • Post-merger cultural difficulties.


Outcomes Delivered

A sharp focus on taking accountability and following through on it. We provided

a safe space through our coaching for senior players to explore the challenges and their potential solutions.


The client team was highly successful in delivering outsourced services, in line with financial and service level targets - to the level that when the business acquired a larger competitor recently, it chose to follow the same approach again.

Standing Meeting


Assignment and Scope

Very challenging circumstances for banks needing to rebuild value and reputations during the last decade. Engaged as coaches to work with key players in leadership positions faced with leading the way through this turbulent period. Through bringing our own direct experience in the finance sector and elsewhere, we share learning around the delivery of major change.



Key Challenges Included:

  • Remaining focused on the issues, risks and opportunities throughout the stages of the major change.

  • Delivering strategy over a sustained period.

  • Dealing with underperformance effectively.

  • Organisational culture characterised by low morale.


Outcomes Delivered

Coachees’ successful delivery against stretching objectives. Characteristic of this being sustained client focus on leading through turbulent times, which is difficult when the pressures of daily delivery are so intense.



Assignment and Scope

Long-term, ongoing relationship with a major operator throughout the oil & gas cycle, working one-to-one, across teams and with the supply chain. Since 2014 this has been characterised by targeting greater efficiency across its assets and functional teams in a mature market, all while transitioning to new ownership.


Key Challenges Included:

  • Driving further operational efficiency while delivering against stretching production targets.

  • Preparing the way for future growth.

  • Continued delivery of high performance through evolving leadership team and new owners.

  • Building effectiveness across key business-to-business relationships


Outcomes Delivered

Design and follow-through with the operations team of its strategy framework, resulting in top-quartile delivery by the client in its market. Retained as trusted provider of coaching, consulting and facilitation across the ups and downs of a difficult market.

Business Meeting


Assignment and Scope

Financially distressed Middle East & South East Asian Engineering projects business in urgent turnaround. We were engaged to facilitate development and delivery of a wide-ranging change programme for the turnaround and the subsequent three years.


Key Challenges Included:

  • Unclear strategy.

  • Thin order book in adverse market conditions.

  • A culture lacking in accountability

  • Disconnected operating centres.

  • Strong engineering capability, but demotivated team with lax business controls.


Outcomes Delivered

We facilitated development then implementation by the client team of “Delivery Driven Success”, a change programme to meet the Key Challenges listed in the previous box.


The business has turned around from severe loss-making to positive EBITDA, demonstrated by: Controlled delivery against budget; Securing substantial new backlog of work; Establishing a platform for profitable project delivery.

Market Analysis


Assignment and Scope

Engaged to support the Leadership team in defining and driving the turnaround strategy of an under-performing energy services marine business over 3-years.


Key Challenges Included:

  • Absence of a joined-up strategy.

  • Resistance to change.

  • Fragmented leadership team, working in silos.

  • Weighed down by debt.

  • Insufficient focus on safety in a hazardous environment.


Outcomes Delivered

Facilitated establishment and follow-through of a change plan with the leadership team, together with coaching for key players. Followed up with a growth strategy, including new services and geographical expansion. The client turned around its financial results and performance against key metrics, including EBITDA, growth and safety, positioning the business for its subsequent successful sale to a trade buyer.

Gas Plant


Assignment and Scope

Successful Industrial Services business acquired by top oil & gas contractor. Engaged to consult around challenges of the client aligning with its new owners, while retaining a distinctiveness that made it such an attractive acquisition. The core of the engagement being leadership team sessions around change, strategy, safety – all with a sharp focus on follow-through against commitments.


Key Challenges Included:

  • Sustaining strong financial performance through change.

  • Delivering a safer workplace in hazardous environments.

  • Alignment across a much larger corporate entity.

  • Developing and delivery strategy across a wider range of market sectors.


Outcomes Delivered

Our intervention has contributed to the client organisation’s delivery against key objectives: demonstrable and sustained improvement in safety performance; Continued growth while sustaining high margins; business mix re-balanced across a wider range of market sectors.

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